Fabric Colour Painting Classes by Udbhav

Fabric colour painting as the name recommends is a painting that is done on fabric. This artwork should be possible on an assortment of textures from cotton, silk, cloth to nylon and velvet. In texture painting, we as a rule use acrylic texture tones to paint on the material Inside a couple of moments to hours we can make intriguing and excellent plans on dresses, bedsheets, coats, sarees, and on Any kind of plane it can be painted on texture from blossoms, creatures, winged animals, fringe plans or themes. Both conventional to present day plans can be utilized relying upon the style of the piece of clothing. Fabric colour painting classes are offered for kids from the period of 12+ and grown-ups. Normally we suggest painting on cotton texture for apprentices to get a hang of the procedure. This is a generally economical and simple method of giving another look to any fabric.In this course, you will be trained essential and progress texture painting strategies. Data on the material, paints, brushes, palette, weakening medium and different materials will be given.You will be instructed in this fabric colour painting course how to set up the texture for painting, how to pick plans, shading ID, shading blending and different methods of painting like brush filling, two shade and three shade mixing strategy, wet on wet procedure, stenciling, shower method, block printing procedure, liner procedure to give some examples.


  1. Free hand painting
    This is your main thing when you need to trial and you have a consistent hand for painting. Take liberal measures of paint on your brush and paint away. Consider what you intend to make first - having a plan at the top of the priority list will bring about a superior canvas.
  2. Dot painting
    On the off chance that you have a pencil you can do this simple strategy. The back finish of the pencil, when plunged in paint, can give you great spots. Google for spot mandala and you get such splendid plans – get motivated by them and make your own magnum opuses.
  3. Outliner painting
    This is a technique where you essentially do the framework to work the entire plan. This should be possible with a slim liner brush (00 brush) or an outliner. Outliners are accessible in dark just as different shades.
  4. Spray painting
    Fill a little sprayer bottle with shading and sprinkle away or utilize a straw to blow plans on the texture. A pleasant method to haphazardly paint the plan. You can either purchase shower texture paint or add an extraordinary added substance to paint which will make your paint to sprayable consistency in the event that you need an expert impact.
  5. Block painting
    Square artistic creation is finished with stamps. You apply paint on stamps and this stamp is engraved on the texture.